Monday, November 26, 2007

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Remember when you used to go out to dinner at Fridays, or Chevy's, or Denny's, or Grazianos, something like that, with a group of people, friends usually, maybe some people who were friends of friends,

this is like, middle school era, when you first start planning actual, real person "events" of that sort, even though your parents would have to drop you off and things,

and at the end of the dinner, everyone would sort of get bored of the crayons and of the strange semi-vintage items plastered in every square inch of the place, and would start-

-wait, this wasn't middle school at all probably, or really embarrassing if it was; this is probably like mid-elementary school era, when you go to dinner with a few families and all the kids sit at one end of the table, and you still get the 4 color crayons and the colorable menus and the balloon man may or may not come around-

and at the end of dinner, one kid gets the bright idea of putting bits of food into someone's drink, which usually escalates to someone mixing this diabolical concoction of french fries and ketchup and milk and lettuce and chicken tenders and salt and pepper and maybe some of that other kid's milkshake into one disgusting, sort of light grey restaurant glass museum object which just sits there,

and everyone tries to offer ridiculous bets to the brave and daring and stupid soul who actually would try and drink the potion for some material possession that the other kid probably wouldn't give up, or even have in the first place,

but rarely did such a soul emerge,

And then kids yell and laugh and then it grows old. And the parents pay and the kids shove crayons in their pockets and the grey glass just sits there on the table, created and argued about and marvelled at and then forgotten and abandoned, in a matter of minutes.

Then it gets dumped and rinsed and cleaned and maybe wiped down, or wiped through, or something. Is elementary school too young? I have a feeling this happened later in life too.


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