Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Now when I say hey, y'all say Mama


I'm really tired. Super Mario Galaxy is FUN.

I wrote part of a short story yesterday. Maybe I will post it later.

I am also going to revive "Reviews of Everything I own" as part of this thing.
Reviews to come:

"Jazz Cam" Disposable Camera
Mr. Mosquito Ps2 game
My Jesus Clock
My Mickey Mouse clock
My phone
My silverware
My toilet



I am a big, unabashed Kanye fan. I love his music and his persona and his passion and the image that he has created. I am willing to embrace his weighty ego and make excuses for his more embarassing qualities. Musically, his talents are no mystery, as no one will argue that his beats are undeniably the best in hip-hop right now. But it's more about the big picture when you look at the guy.

To me, Kanye is the finest entertainer in our world today. He completely understands what it means to be entertained and how valuable our individual joy in being entertained is. He recognizes that there needs to be a certain sense of honesty and charisma in a performer, and he fully embodies this. He doesn't rely on gimmicks like a lot of other rappers do - he is more concerned in reaching the common fan by being himself and showing you himself than hiding behind an "hard" image and the cliches that such a persona carries.
Kanye likes high fashion. He likes rock and electronica. He likes past artists and current artists and The Killers and Daft Punk and Maroon 5 and De La Soul. He likes Jesus and his family. He definitely likes his own work.
And he isn't afraid or ashamed to tell us any of this. And there's no reason he should be.

It's this kind of connection to his fans and just personality that makes him such an electrifying and exciting and unique artist. Honesty is always the best thing, in my mind.


Kanye's mom passed away the other day. She was quite young; 58, and died from complications from cosmetic surgery (?). A sad thing either way, because they were quite close.

So in his honor and her memory, I urge you to learn a little bit more about the man and his work, from his goofy, self-penned blog

(where he posted "PRE-VISUALIZATIONS" for his upcoming tour like this -)


This amazing video with him and Spike Jonze, who is maybe my favorite filmmaker right now.

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