Monday, November 19, 2007


Man what a long week.

Was in rural Virginia over the weekend, filming a documentary about a egalitarian commune, etc. Now I have a psych test.

Whoever said to take psychology or something was horribly mistaken and probably a terrible person. The book is dull and really all over the place, the professor pretty babbling and old, and the tests are ridiculous. I got a D- on the first test. That's such a funny grade!


It just sounds so silly. The fact that it bounces off the tongue kind of happily, mixed with the idea of someone taking the time to be quite specific a grade that poor, is kind of rewarding.

Strangely, my laptop has no sound right now. Absolutely nothing. Not even that annoying ping that comes when you reboot, and plays out of the built-in speakers regardless of any external speakers or anything like that.

Sometimes from now on I will post a question at the bottom of these posts. YOU can answer, if you please.


can I develop disposable cameras cheaply?


should I do about this filthy silent computer? Genius Bar?


JayyDeee said...

#1: I may or may not have recommended Coons to you.

#2: You should grow up and try to imagine...just for the few moments at your computer...what its like to be deaf.

Ariel said...

This post was made five days ago. I do not approve. :|

Ins said...

jaydee is right. i take sign language. we dont talk at all in class. its not fun. JD is also an idiot though.