Monday, December 24, 2007

enter RETURN

OK guys, so sorry, didn't manage to post much in the transition from New York to Poway. I'm sorry. After an encounter with a "good friend" earlier tonight in which this blog was referred to as one of my many "lies", I felt ashamed, naked, and defeated. But this criticism has compelled me to only press on further, and with more gusto than before; to continue with my initial mission statement of a post-per-day, and never falter.

So, with that said, here's to a fresh start and some more content.

Poway has been nice. I feel like there's this natural sort of falling into place that happens when coming back home, in which this same set of emotions, of lifestyles, of sleep patterns and dialects kind of fold back over and around your body. An environmental, distinct, specific sweater, persay. It's great to see people too.

I had a crazy dream the other night, but not in the "wow I had a crazy dream" sense. Let me start over.

So in reality, earlier today, my family was talking about cellphones in the car or something. Batteries, how Kevin needed a new one, how Kevin's fell off the rollercoaster. Talk eventually shifted to my embarrassing story where I flushed my cellphone down the toilet and it got stuck in the piping. People laughed at this.

Then I said, "Hey, I just dried off my cellphone the other day, it fell in the water too!"

Before anyone reacted, I realized and maybe simultaneously visualized the story I was about to tell. I remembered me, swimming in this clear, green ocean, with cellphone in hand, not a care in the world. Suddenly, I must have dropped the phone, and, helpless, watched it drift slowly to the sand at the bottom, maybe 30 feet down. I took a big breath and frantically dove to the bottom to grab it, picked it up, and returned to the surface. I pulled off the battery on the phone and began drying off the connection points with a blow drier I somehow had available. I watched some last bits of water drip out of the phone, and knew the drying had worked. Only by this time, the ocean was not calm and tranquil; a huge wave was sweeping towards me, a wave bigger than any I had ever seen. It grew above me and blocked the sun and stretched high and intimidating into the air. I dove into the ocean face of it and tried to hide underneath the water, but the tremendous pull of the wave sucked me back out and spit me out with the foam. It was chaos; I was tumbling and rolling and gasping for air.....

And then I said "Oh, nevermind. I didn't really drop my phone in the water. It was just a dream. A strangely lucid and memorable dream."

I had never so strongly mixed a dream with reality, even in my own head, before today. There was no hesitation in my mind; the memory of the dropped cell phone was as clear and real as other memories in my head. It was truly bizarre and fascinating, and something that I hope happens to some degree later in my life. I don't really know what it means, but if you have any ideas, let me know.


M. Kumar said...

trust me, that's not something you want to wish for. reality is difficult enough to deal with in the absence of competing dream worlds.

in other news, merry xmas! what'd you get?!?!??? said...

I dreamt of a tsunami last night; some friends and I were at the beach, and as soon as I noticed the wave coming, I tried to run but felt unnaturally slow (the sort of frustration that comes with trying to run though water). I don't remember how it turned out...

I have an extreme fear of tsunamis.. and recurring dreams with them... I don't know what it means exactly. I think Jung says that such dreams are very archetypal..representing a fearful confrontation with repressed emotions... random google search brought this:

...and J.R.R. Tolkien also had recurring dreams of a tsunami which is supposedly what inspired the tale of the Isle of Numenore, which is basically Atlantis.

Speaking of which, it's Tolkien's birthday today!