Thursday, December 6, 2007


I need a break.

I just bought the complete Calvin and Hobbes yesterday. Something to look forward to.

Bill Watterson is a recluse. Only a few written interviews, all in the 80's. Maybe two pictures of him, total? Complete control over everything he ever did; never allowed any licensed merchandise, never any adaptations, never anybody using his work in any way he didn't directly influence. He's lived in complete silence in ohio for the past 15 years.

In trying to figure out my career arc, and how I will deal with my inevitable fame and glory ( a topic I often consider), I've determined that I want to escape the public spotlight at some time, a set time, and become sort of a working recluse. When my work is identifiable enough to be important and yet still not reaching wide audiences, then I will deicde to escape from modern society as I know it and only emerge when I produce a work. You know, never any public appearances, the rare interview, the occasional photograph every five years or so. So admirable, so mysterious, so fascinating.

Favorite Famous Recluses:

Cormac McCarthy
Bill Watterson
Jim Jarmusch
Stanley Kubrick
Terrence Malick
Victor Erice
Daft Punk
John Hughes


Sheila said...

my friends and i were discussing who banksy hangs out with, and we decided its probably daft punk. recluses are so cool. jd salinger +++

Blake said...

I'm not even a Salinger literature fan, but I am SOOOO a Salinger recluse fan. He has it down! Still alive too!

JayyDeee said...

What about Flava Flav?