Wednesday, December 26, 2007

WHAT did you guys get? Tell me the

best thing you got

and the

most unexpected thing you got.

Christmas is always better with surprises. It's not about the giving and the getting; it's about the excitement in the process. It's in the wrapping and the hiding and the nervousness and the anxious, blissful anticipation.

I got a Wholphin/McSweeny's subscription, and also surprisingly some six packs of Ginger Ale and the 2-disc Superbad.

No alarm mornings, yum.

Here is a video. "Stairway to Heaven" sung backwards by a man greater than you or I will ever be....


Meredith said...

the best--> a new teapot
surprising--> book: cowgirl smarts, how to rope a kick-ass life

Sheila said...

best was my record player, most unexpected was a pair of mukluks. how did mom know i am obsessed with them? your gifts rule, i asked for a mcsweeney's subscription but nooope. said...

I got 3 books from 3 people who are not my parents. I didn't ask for anything, so they were both the surprising and the best things. Oh, and I got a looot of cookies in the mail.