Thursday, January 24, 2008

Best of 2007 in FILM - part 1 of 2

I saw a lot of movies this year. Here are some things I liked and otherwise; technical categories, things I care about in movies, etc.

TOMMORROW I will post the Best of Movies/worst of Movies list.

Cool Big Time Performances:

Casey Affleck - Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Tommy Lee Jones - No Country for Old Men
Glen Hansard - Once
Daniel Day-Lewis - There Will Be Blood
Michael Cera - Superbad

Saorise Ronan - Atonement
Marketa Irglova - Once
Cate Blanchett - I'm Not There
Juliette Binoche - The Flight of the Red Balloon


Brad Pitt, Sam Rockwell, Paul Schneider - Assassination
Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, Gene Jones, Kelly MacDonald - No Country
Will Smith - I Am Legend
Heath Ledger, Richard Gere - I'm Not There
Robert Downey Jr. - Zodiac
Simon Pegg, Nick Frost - Hot Fuzz


Garret Dillahunt - Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford AND No Country for Old Men


Roger Deakins (Cinematographer - No Country, Assassination...)
Satoshi Kon (Director - Paprika)
Vincent Parronaud, Marjane Satrapi - (Directors - Persepolis)


Joel Coen, Ethan Coen - No Country for Old Men
Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen - Superbad
James Vanderbilt - Zodiac

Coolest Sound Effect

Assassination of Jesse James... - Gunshot during train robbery sequence

Best Outfit(s)

The King of Kong - Billy Mitchell
I'm Not There - A lot of people, but the Richard Gere segment especially
Eastern Promises - Viggo Mortensen's Naked Bod
Southland Tales - Everyone involved

Worst Outfit(s)

Die Hard 4.0 - Justin Long's moustache
300 - everyone involved

Best Musical Moments...

Once - Songs (Glen Hansard/Marketa Irglova)
Ratatouille - The Score (Michael Giacchino)
Paprika - The Score (Susumu Hirasawa)
Atonement - Score (Dario Marianelli)
Diving Bell and the Butterfly - Various songs (U2, Tom Waits)
Knocked Up - Opening song (Wu-Tang Clan)
Southland Tales - Extended Justin Timberlake musical sequence, others (The Killers, The Pixies)

Worst Music

I Am Legend (MARLEYY MAN!)
Juno (Made me want to cry/strangle small animals)
Transformers (sigh)

Stay tuned. Tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

transformers had SICK music bro don't know what you're talking about

M. Kumar said...

Things I think about things you think (using kelly kay's +/- system):

-tommy lee jones in nc4om: you could easily construct a cogent narrative of tommy lee's life from the time he retires from the men in black onward; he just moves to neo-westerns and plays roughly the same part over and over again. BORING.

+daniel day-lewis: are you kidding me? the most impressive and awesome performance i've seen ever with the exception of welles in CK.

?saorise ronan: i wasn't paying attention because i was so annoyed by either the soundtrack or her fast-motion walks down the stairs.

+++michael cera & cate blanchett: duh.

josh brolin: just alright. he has a great face, but that doesn't mean he can act especially well.

---the coen brothers script for no country: you can't give the bros big ups for writing nc4om when they adapted it from a mccarthy novel. not coming up with a great script from the book would have just meant the coens are retarded.

-juno: you totally would have liked this movie if there had been a panda in it somewhere. maybe on a vintage tee or something.