Thursday, January 31, 2008

M**** Brink

So the other day I was with my pal Matt G and we went back to my room to watch some Heroes and I opened the door to let my roommate Matthew Brink know to put some pants on if he didn't have any on.
"Matthew," I called out. "You here?". He wasn't.
So we watch an episode of Heroes and I sort of complain about certain characters and about how serious the show takes itself like I always do when I watch Heroes (but still I watch). And Matt G really wants me to see ep. 17, which apparently is great, but ANYWAYS

We watch it and leave the room and there is this startling revelation made by Matt G. on the way out...

deserves a little bit of backstory.

So this roommate, Matthew Brink, is new, and not one of choice. My friend/roommate from last semester, Sam, went to Cuba for his study abroad. Which I can't blame him for. So instead of that ultra hip recorded music major moving in and becoming my best friend and making ME awesome, NYU fills that extra bed space with the one, the only, Mr. Brink.

Mr. Brink is a business double major, I think marketing and accounting? Or management and accounting? I get them mixed up. Anyways, he likes the stock market and owns like 15 blazers and 20 pairs of shoes. He really likes partying too and actually plans and hosts parties at nightclubs and stuff. He complains a lot about the room and the lack of things that I've bought for it and he also OPENED the shrink wrap on my Aladdin dvd and watched it without me being there!!

Anyways, this guy is pretty funny and also sort of annoying, especially when he's very messy (often) or talking about money, politics, or the conspiracy theories he believes (which are numerous).


We leave the room, and I talk casually about Matthew Brink for a minute or two, when suddenly Matt G notices the name tags on the door. There are two: one says "Blake" and one says "Mike".


I'm pretty sure I've called him Matthew since I got here...

Suddenly I am overcome with guilt and start rethinking any time I have greeted MICHAEL BRINK, and if I have greeted him incorrectly. Why didn't he say anything? What would he think of me as a person? Do I care?

But the guilt soon fades and I think it's more funny than anything else. I mean, look at this face.

How could you not love this?


I feel kind of guilty posting this with him asleep like 5 feet away. Oh well. That's what he gets for COMPLAINING about me not buying sugar or having better bowls.

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