Tuesday, February 5, 2008


The more random a post is, the lazier I am being, the later I am posting it, etc. etc. etc. blahhhhhhhhhhhh buh

I saw Vincent Gallo today on the street. THE Vincent Gallo who made Buffalo '66 and The Brown Bunny, who wears light up grills and sells his sperm for 1,000,000.

It was weird because he said "HI" to me, and I had to think on my feet to make a clever response. Which happened to be the incredible "HEY". Haha.

This is pretty funny --------> A chat room discussing the Pazz and Jop poll (basically a magazine's Yearly "Best Of" for music")

I also like this. This was a short film from 1974 that was kinda jacked by a GMC Super Bowl Commercial that didn't make any sense.

Watch this instead.


Ariel said...

That's a really good video of him.
He's crazy, but I'm into it.

Did he just say hi to you randomly?

JayyDeee said...

I can't believe you saw VG, where was he at? Why are you so popular?

Blake said...

Yeah, he just said hi, probably because I was looking straight at him awkwardly for a few seconds.

He was at the corner of 2nd st. and Bowery, with some babe in his arm.

I am not popular.