Friday, February 15, 2008

POST # 50

Today after shooting my first 16mm film I took a nap because I was tired. I woke up at the time I had set my alarm for (4:00, one hour nap), but wanted to get an extra 5 minutes or so in, so I put my head down. Almost immediately, in that tiny, five-minute stretch of time, I had a strange, vivid dream. There's no way to describe it other than being insanely specific, short, and really bizarre.

I dreamt that I was walking out of a deli on some gray morning and as I opened the door, Jerry Seinfeld walked in. He kind of nodded at me, and as I left I looked through the window to see what he was doing/buying. He was getting coffee from one of those self-service pump machines, like the ones they have a a 7/11 or something. I watched Jerry Seinfeld do this, and wondered why a man of his stature and social standing would be getting "pump" coffee. Then I woke up.

How did this come to me? I haven't even thought of Jerry Seinfeld for a long time. Much less used pump coffee.


Mutual Appreciation is really good. So is Oasis.


You know how you get on Youtube kicks, where you'll spend an extended period of time just focused on one "genre" or type of video? Well, my latest obsession has been watching a lot of Super Bowl halftime shows on the internet. The Stage! The Spectacle! The compressed or shortened songs and ridiculous fan interaction! Marching Bands!

I'm not that old or good at remembering most of the ones I have watched in my life, so my frame of reference probably isn't great. But I have a hard time coming up with something greater than Prince's 2007 show, which gives me chills every time I see it.


The Reason why I am posting the link instead of the embedded video is because I IMPLOREEE you to go to the Guba page and download the full size version, which is actually of amazing quality. When you can see the rain pouring down on The Artist while he asks "Can I play this guitar?!?!?" and then ripping into "Purple Rain", I can't picture a better musical moment.

2 comments: said...

"I don't believe that aaanybody, feels the way I do
About you noooow."

I. love. Oasis.

Ariel said...

You know what's even better than halftime shows videos? Puppy Bowl videos!!! Kitty halftime show > Prince's halftime show.