Saturday, February 2, 2008


So I'm two episodes into Battlestar: Galactica's third Season, which, by the way, and not by the way, is AMAZING. Totally reminds me of why I like the show.

Anyway, Colonel Tigh, the second in command on Galactica, has a new getup for this season, and he looks like this.
Which, frankly, is pretty awesome.

He reminded me of a whaler, or a nautical man, I think they call them sailors, anyway and his actions and gruff voice match the idea I have in my head of a whaler. Which, is probably wrong. But it got me really into a mindset; a probably fleeting, yet passionate obsession with whalers and whaling.

Then I remembered this book my dad gave me, called

And it's about some shipwrecked whalers with eyepatches and beanies and GREAT white beards and maybe white whales,
who have to resort to cannibalism and other things while surviving at sea.

So I am going to read this

and then I went and picked up Moby Dick today for 5 dollars and i am going to TACKLE that thing next.

Yes. MOBY DICK. The one. The only.

I know you guys are like, "But Blake! I thought you only read Roald Dahl books or comics or the old Newsweeks that Thelma from down the street drops off? How are you going to read such a long book??"

And while such a claim is partially true, I have to become a man eventually, and NOTHING defines manhood like:

a) Getting into a fight
b) Growing a moustache
c) Reading Moby Dick

Since the first two have eluded me and will continue to for quite some time, I decided that IT IS NOW TIME TO READ MOBY DICK.

But first, that other book. Actually maybe a few episodes of BSG....


sheila said...

this post has ruled.

M. Kumar said...

please direct your attention to the following section of the official BSG website:

back in the days following my discovery of the show--which i sought out, i might add, based on hearing you say something positive about it, and the office's dwight watching it compulsively--i used to be able to do the hard quick perfectly. STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND TEST YOUR MANHOOD THERE.

BSG returns next month, but i'm sure you already knew that.

let me end by saying three things: (1) i totally feel you on tigh as whaler; (2) you have NO idea what amazingness is in store for you at the end of season 3; and (3) suck it up and grow a mustache already, skeezy as it may be.

Anonymous said...

Is this the image you're linking to?