Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monday was a crappy day. I overslept, lost this shirt on ebay, and when I eventually did go to school it was without my backpack. I didn't notice until, waiting at the subway stop, my train arrived; I reached down to pick up my bag like I customarily do and grabbed nothing. I panicked for like three seconds, an in one sweepingly lame moment of realization, admitted to my own incompetence and stepped on to the train. I ended up skipping my class anyway.


In spite of these pretty minor hitches (and some really crappy pickup basketball that evening), Monday couldn't have been that bad, because MONDAY comes after SUNDAY, and on SUNDAY night, THIS happened.

I mean,


And then, THIS

Woo!! So excited. Tom kinda looked like he was bummed Angels and Airwaves wasn't getting a best rock Grammy. Maybe that's why he's giving up his U2 stadium rock band to go back to what really made him big. Regardless, this is a really cool day, and I'm excited for the tour more than anything else. I never saw them when I was a kid and hopefully Tom will still cuss...

Here's Blink talking about Star Wars.

And the Josie video.

ok later

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Anonymous said...

blake, even though it's beginning to feel like you're ignoring me, i've gotten really into "listography" lately and it seems like something you'd really like. check it out