Monday, April 6, 2009

kickin ass

I am a Cassowary. I can kick your ass.

Hello internet,

It's been a while. Shame I have nothing to offer you. Our relationship is like a really depressing version of The Little Drummer Boy, because I don't know how to play an instrument. Aww shucks.

Jesus this blog is lazy. Lots of good movies out. Want to see some?

fast and furious - have to see it in a theater with a parking lot (post-movie drifting/ peel out session part of the experience) - made 72 million opening weekend wow

Anybody want to set me up with a summer job? I'll literally do anything. I am 98% legitimately interested in/ 2% romantically considering working as a deckhand on a boat somewhere. Deadliest Catch envy is partial but not complete excuse for this. If I can get an animation job or a fun internship or a weird job that pays well then that would be cool too. I promise I'll work extra hard and not whine about anything.

What is the purpose of blakecity anymore? What a crappy city. Like Detroit without the evident decay or sadness. I've got to get a real website and a real girlfriend and a real haircut. In the words of the procrastinator,


for the ladies


Gross Grossamundo said...

Live life you fucker. And call me back. My patience wears thin. But first start living life, sasquatch.

ben oviatt said...

Jeez, how old are you?

O. A. Malik said...

Struthioniformes are an ancient and fascinating lineage.

O. A. Malik said...

Also, just found this: