Thursday, October 29, 2009


Last post was something of a groaner. Remind me not to get that verbose again.

School is busy and constantly toeing the line between awesome and un-fun.  I'm always doing things last minute.  It's something I bring upon myself, and unfortunately its the only way I can give anything the sense of urgency it deserves.

Thank goodness I spent three hours today programming a universal remote, and reading Conan stories. Productivity gone boink!

The last few days have been really interesting, from the unironic and unexpected standpoint of creative inspiration.  I'm not superstitious or anything but it seems like the stars have aligned into the formation of a giant, driving stick in my back. I feel a need and fundamental desire to get things done, to take action! Ah! Here are some of these influences, in order of appearance. 


Puppy whistlin

Kephalid, givin me a hard time.  


Saw this on the big screen. A truly "mad" film.  Made me feel like a child in its scope and flawlessness.  Also incredibly funny!


 Andrew Stanton stopped by NYU, because apparently this is where Pixar children like to go to escape the evil clutches of their super cool parents.
He also happened to give a lecture on writing and story that, apart from being one of the most concrete and insightful storytelling lectures I had ever heard, absolutely blew my mind.


 Season 4.  Yay/ wtf episode 1?




 700 pages. He signed my copy of Breaks of the Game tonight.  I told him "The best thing you ever wrote was the blurb on the cover of 'Breaks'." I don't think he heard me.

(The page above is one of my favorite all time passages in any print. How good is that anecdote?!)

Anyways, I feel good about work now and am excited to get stuff done. 


Sports Team lost its second in a row tonight, and it was winnable. We were within four points with 10 minutes left.  Kinda fell apart.

My thigh is sore, and for some reason I can't wait for it to eventually bruise up. 

I just watched Nash hit a game winning acrobatic left handed layup to beat the Clippers (ack) and now I'm going to bed with positive thinking.  That's all anything is really.  Thinking.


Johanna Samuels said...

theres nothing you cant do

mikeroddy said...

So a lobster walks into a bar and he says "Hey barkeep, I need a gin over here." And the barkeep says "What are you? A big pincher now?" Lobster looks over to the guy on his left, hat tipped way down. He says "Some kind of rough day was it?" The guy's real loose, kind of leaning all over the rail, turns to his right. He balls a fist and punches the lobster right in the gut. Nothing. Sounds like the guy's broken fingers. Looks up, tells the lobster "Shouldn't you be in a pot somewhere?" Lobster says "Don't get on my case cuz you don't have an exoskeleton."