Friday, November 9, 2007

beginnings, new fooods, clay

So, I don't really know what to say, except that I want to make a post every day. Regardless if the content is there to post or not. But the act of recording is important to me and I think that everything ever recorded always has some value. Because trapping life into textboxes and frames and time and digital memory is really interesting.

Things I used to not like to eat/drink as a kid, but now do like to eat/drink:

Iced Tea
Green Beans
Bread Stuffing
Mounds Bars

Check out the expressions in this animation. I like it a lot. I think what animated medium you work with is really important, and taking advantage of the medium is a must. Ideally, all the stylistic elements of the craft (be it clay, paper, paint, etc.) should accent the performance of your characters and the story.

"The Potato Hunter" really does this, and the clay actions and poses and elasticity are all so well done. Not to mention I love the art direction and concept too.

"The Potato Hunter" Timothy Hittle, 1990


M. Kumar said...

mushrooms are still gross.h

Ariel said...

I agree with Kumar. Their consitency freaks me out. Oddly enough I really like mushroom-flavored things!

gossip girl

M. Kumar said...

you know you love me!