Saturday, November 10, 2007


So I got my ingrown toenails operated on today. Podiatrist Gerwitz first injected my bigguns with some sort of painkiller, quite painful, and the he dipped cotton swabs into this jar of poison and shoved them deep into my toe cuticles. Twisting them and all twisty like and black. Now the cells are dead and the nails won't grow back so evil. Phew!

Mad receipts and co-pays later and failed Staples refunds and insurance calls later, I watched "Funny Ha-Ha" by Andrew Bujalski. It's quite good. I like 16mm and the diner scenes and Kate Dollenmayer (see below) a lot.


Anybody want to get me a book on African/Tribal/Polynesian masks? These are cool but also fake.


"I Put A Spell On You" ----- Screaming Jay Hawkins ----- Live on TV


Anonymous said...

What did Podiatrist Gerwitz say about your webs?

Blake said...

Podiatrist Gerwitz confirmed my beliefs that webbed feet are the sign of purity and greatness.