Monday, February 11, 2008


Nothing really to report, except, well, if you missed the Grammy's, you missed a killer Kanye/Daft Punk deal.

Been working a lot lately on writings and such, but once again I really am overthinking things and getting into this bad cycle of HATING everything I do. Like, HATING. Disgust and sadness follow the recording of most of my ideas.

Except for one script idea which I would love love love to do anything with, I am honestly scared that I am unable to produce anything worthwhile. I mean, it's a natural feeling. I know realistically not everyone in the world can do great things, and that some people are, let's face it, more naturally inclined to be amazing.


All I can think about is Wesley Snipes and how I miss him.


Ariel said...

Check the song on my myspace profile.

Jawsh said...

Snipes was aquitted dude. That means Blade 4