Monday, February 11, 2008


Isn't it kind of funny and strange how
when you browse someone's facebook pictures
like, all of their pictures
and instead of going to the NEXT
(or just clicking on the image)
you click PREVIOUS
and go to their oldest image
and then keep going left
it goes old to new....

It's kind of like that person's existence on facebook, (a defined [albeit constantly growing] section of someone's life), is this bendable, circular strip, documented for the most part by pictures or series of pictures. A cycle where I can just move in between, with one click, the beginning and the end of the part of someone's life. And if I wanted to, I could track this life in any direction I wanted, whether it be from the beginning or, like most people, starting at the end (most current section) and working backwards.

This PIECE, a complete, defined, and somewhat digitally tangible piece of life. This piece of someone's complete existence, the piece that you know.

It's an interesting way to think about someone. How much of our perceptions are based on people, or the people we can identify, within this chunk of time? How much of our perceptions on individuals are based off of what we think of individuals in the pictures/settings/company/circumstances we see in this span of time?

That person's entire existence, for that period of time, sort of wrapped up so cleanly in this cycle of pictures is a little frightening in its simplicity and yet almost equally liberating. We don't have to judge people any further back than the end of their online "birth"; we can base entire relationships and complete perceptions on these "lifespans". No need to worry about what we can't see or trace.

Try going to a few people on Facebook and cycling between their most recent pictures and their oldest pictures. A lot of people won't be drastically different or whatever, but it's still amazing to just freely bend and scan these personalities, these images, these TIMES, at just a finger click. I bet if you do this for a minute or two you will find some fascinating things. Who is the "most" changed in that period? How did the style of pictures or the treatment of content change over this course of time?

Maybe? I don't know.


In completely unrelated but amazing other news,


M. Kumar said...

I hope you realize every day how unique and brilliant and uniquely amazing you are.

Also, I was just doing/thinking something along similar lines before I turned to perusing this meta-city of Blake. Try doing the same thing for yourself; what do you see, what do you think?

Blake said...

Well after a big untagging purge a few days ago, I'm sure you'll see a less defined but probably accurate protrait of a guy with his eyes closed a lot, or just generally not prepared to be photographed.

And I haven't been putting off that TWBB email, but
Actually I am putting it off, until I see it again.

All that matters is the Cindy LaRue review.

"It was good. But it was kinda slow for a while. And I didn't understand - were there two of those brothers? That was weird"