Thursday, March 27, 2008


God, the enthusiasm for phenomenons like the Jonas Brothers stirs a strange emotional response in me. I somehow feel this infectious bliss when watching the spectacle and over the top performance and the tireless crowd reaction, and yet at the same time am confronted with a a kind of disgusting artificiality; these are kids for chrisssakes.

Anyway, here is their cover oh Ah-Ha's "Take on Me".

This may be my most unpopular post ever.


JayyDeee said...

could it be... dare I say... some type of odd jealousy? I think the only fair solution is to post a video of you singing along to a-ha side by side with theirs so we can compare. I think Disney should start investing in forty-something year old German sculptors, instead of chipper young musicians.

eho said...

that video really killed my day.