Saturday, March 29, 2008


This is the first part in a new series about music videos that struck resonant chords in a young and developing Blake LaRue; videos that, to this day, still have a profound effect on me and ring of past memories and feelings.

Ok, so a little background information. I wasn't allowed to watch MTV officially until, about 7th grade, as my parents didn't think it was appropriate. Like most things that weren't allowed by parents, most of my MTV exposure came from being at friend's house and watching the shows there extensively. I only remember a few series of Real World, and not much of anything else, but I do remember the music videos.

The first video I am going to talk about is Jennifer Lopez's "If You Had My Love".

This video played a fairly significant role in the life of an 11 year old Blake upon its release in 1999. I can almost pinpoint "If You Had My Love" as the exact moment when I found girls "attractive" and as things that "make me feel good", as opposed to having cooties and being annoying. Now, I know, at fifth grade that might seem a little old, and sure, I probably dabbled with heterosexuality previous to that point, but I can fairly say that this video was a major moment in my development. The white pants, the bikini top, the impeccable face, the movement, the fans!..... it was just so perfect.

Upon watching this video again, I can't help but feel it hasn't aged well; the purple-digital-fortress internet, along with the dial up signal and original iMacs (underwater too) look a little funny, and the whole piece feels very familiar in terms of the setup and where it goes....

But damn, Jlo still looks amazing.

A few notes:

1. God, I love that opening riff.
2. JLo looks like Kate Hudson!!!?!!?
3. "My Trust" always sounded weird. I thought it was "Much Rest". Like, "I gave you a lot of rest....?"
4. INTERNET TV. LOPEZ DANCE. ZOOM. These websites are so fun.
5. I am sort of confused at the nature of this internet JLo; is she a programmable, adjustable, fully digital sort of woman, or is it a webcam thing?

Anyways, the video still is quite good and the song is fun and JLo looks great. But more than anything, it takes me back to a place in my youth where this white, silken goddess was the embodiment of female, physical perfection. I guess it was all downhill from there.


JayyDeee said...

Those titles... wow? I am assuming those are the poster's addition..but still...stupid titles like that amaze me.

Also. I know what you mean. cable lead me from my childhood.

Johanna Samuels said...

I viiiividly remember seeing this video for the first time. soo trippy.