Monday, April 14, 2008


Sean's blog about Errol Morris made me think of Errol Morris and how he has popped into my life recently. (The 2 TIMES theory, will discuss later). So here are a few more Errol Morris posts.

Errol Morris has a new movie out soon, called "Standard Operating Procedure," and it's probably going to be fantastic. Here is the trailer.

Tony Kornheiser and Errol Morris, two of my favorite people, apparently went to school together! What a smart 6th grade class that must have been. PTI is my favorite sports show... ever? Yes, I think so.

Also, I recently rediscovered this Apple ad that Errol Morris did in 2002.

ELLEN FEISS!!! After watching about three times, and reading her wikipedia page and an interview with her, I decided that I love this girl, and even joined a Facebook group about her. Sigh. I think she goes to college too. Set me up!!!

So enough of this rambling. When his movie comes out, eat a shoe.

(Errol Morris apparently wasn't impressed by this event, and him and Herzog had a small "feud" until recently)

Ok a song for today? How about this classic from Saves the Day.

"Sell My Old Clothes, I'm Off to Heaven" - Saves the Day


Laurel said...
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Matt said...

She has facebook. You an become a creepy stalker. jk

Blake said...

I know it's so tough. Where do i draw the line? Life is so disappointing.

JayDee said...

just marry her. before she realizes.