Friday, April 18, 2008

It seriously is all about Sinead O'Connor

This is Sinead O'Connor singing on the Grammy's in 1987...
I don't have any of her albums, or know any of her other songs for that matter, but I stumbled upon this one time and have just been so enthralled by the performance that it may be my most watched youtube video.

There is something kind of stunning by her lone figure, shaved head, intense face, crazy halter top, foot stomping, and Public Enemy logo tattooed on the side of her head (protesting lack of representation of rap at the Grammy's), and her voice is just killer (even with the backing track). The Billy Crystal fax joke at the beginning provides this perfect context/ juxtaposition for this raw performance, and, god, the song is great too. I still have no idea what a Mandinka is but maybe it's better like that.

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JayDee said...

Sinead loves making statements about things.