Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sorry I've been neglecting this, busy busy busy as a bee and my parents are in town (!) and yeah I am kind of a physically and mentally drained.

Summer sounds pretty great about now.

Does anybody know some good strategies for clearing space off your computer? Other than like, deleting music and tangible files? Is there hidden stuff that I can get rid of?

Here is another P.H.A.T. African jam, this time substantially more funky.

"Greetings" - Joni Haastrup

Off the Nigeria '70: Funky Lagos compilation.


stephen said...

if you import cds into itunes as aifs rather than mp3s, that takes up tons of space.

Matt Hanson said...

Buy an internal hard drive like everyone else, or stop downloading so much music, or do a defrag and disk cleanup, which wont do much, but get rid of unnecessary files. Fry's always has good deals online for hard drives, unless you have a laptop instead of a puter.

Blake said...

I have two external hard drives but like taking music with me, so I keep most of it on the computer. You don't know how I defrag a Mac, do you?

Maybe I could get rid of these 4 GB of Hey Arnold! episodes...

Matt Hanson said...

I would imagine its the same way as a pc, go to the drive, click properties, and disc cleanup/defrag. Why dont you just throw the Her arnold episodes on your external? Or delete them and buy a season, or more likely, whenever you want to watch them, they are probably streamed online, or even download a hey arnold season torrent.

JayDee said...

if you have any music programs with pre-installed loops, those take up massive space, and unless you use them, I always delete that shit

Jason Lindquist said...
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Jason Lindquist said...

[I fail at closing anchors.]

/me pimp-slaps Matt

(Foolish heathen.)

If you want to defrag, you'll have to find a copy of Norton Utilities. Apple's never bothered to include one. You might also run . It cleans out a lot of cruft and rebuilds a few databases the OS uses behind the scenes.

The biggest win I found was turning off Spotlight and deleting its indices. If you actually use SL, you probably won't do this.

I've also found that once I get below 8G or so on my boot drive, things start slowing down. I don't really know why. I could dig into it, but Disk Is Cheap™. Somebody's always got an under-$20 deal on external USB enclosures. (Sometimes even FireWire 400!)

($200 for 1TB SATA disks... Jesus Christ on a popsicle stick, what's this world coming to? I paid $400 for a 1G SCSI not 13 years ago! :-) )