Friday, April 4, 2008


Animal Collective is, in my humble opinion, the greatest working band right now. I don't think very many other groups have pushed themselves creatively as consistently and as successfully as this band. I get really excited when listening to their music and just am sort of infatuated with their skill.

I mean, I can listen to their cd "Campfire Songs" alot, which is all just acoustic guitars and was recorded in one take on a porch somewhere, just as much as I listen to "Strawberry Jam", which is almost all processed and looped and sampled. Theyre both really really great, but so different it's startling.

Here is a funny video of Animal Collective's first live TV appearance, on Conan O'Brian.

This is from a while back. #1 is a strange "representative" song off Strawberry Jam, but I actually like how it sounds with Panda Bear's voice higher in the mix. I would have loved to see the crowd reaction; it's definitely one of the stranger late night TV band sets ever.

Here is a really great song from their recent tour, well, October. Please listen and enjoy

"Brother Sport" - Animal Collective

(courtesy of nyctaper)

They have a new EP coming out later this year, called Water Curses. Yay!

I don't really know the purpose of this post. Do you like Animal Collective?

(ps NYC taper is amazing; some of the best live recordings you can get. Please visit and support him!)


nyctaper said...

The link to my site posted above isn't working.
Here are the 2 Animal Collective recordings on

Blake said...

link fixed, thanks so much for your work!

Ariel said...

On the streets in Paris. I thought it was a cool candid.

Ariel said...

Also, the other day I was walking through Porter (the college the Matt's lived in last year) and saw this guy yelling "Animal Collective sucks!" at a room that was playing Animal Collective. I almost said something, but it seemed really obvious to me that he probably actually didn't feel that strongly about Animal Collective but instead wanted to show everyone he knew them.

sean said...

water curses is really good.

JayDee said...

I don't know them very well, I got a bunch of their music from a friend and now I think I'll take a forrealz listen.

Matt said...

Panda bear even dresses like you too

Blake said...