Saturday, May 3, 2008


Man I need to stop. Lately I have been buying two McDonalds Cheeseburgers every night on my way home. I try and discipline myself, wait until I get to my room to eat them, but that never works. I always end up eating them on the walk back, and much too quickly.

When I do eat them I can physically feel my body reacting to the cheeseburgers going down. My skin sort of warms up and my pores clog with a light grease. I feel it in my forehead and on my nose, and that aftertaste of the ketchup and pickles sort of sits in the back of my mouth. In my belly they feel like too much cake; a thick sweetness almost.

Almost done for the semester. Yay! This summer is all about skateboarding and comic books.


Erik Good said...

McDonald's sucks. Why waste your money? Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's good. If you have time to walk down there to get a burger and get one back, you have time during the week to go buy a cornucopia of hummus and pita bread and munch in your spare time. It's healthier.

Blake said...

24 hours my friend... Somehow at 2 a.m. my decision making isn't as sound.

Blake said...

I realize the tone of this post can be a little confusing but I am definitely against this cheeseburger habit... it's just something that has happened inexplicably often lately and i wanted to confess.

Pita and hummus sounds like a much better idea.

Jason Lindquist said...

I switched to double cheeseburgers a few years ago. Half the carbohydrate-loaded bun, same amount of H0T C0W D3TH.

So what are you reading?