Thursday, October 30, 2008

One of my favorite things to do--

Okay, embarrassing. I'll start over.
Something I do on occasion, when traipsing around the internet or the various printed media, is save the pictures that I like and find interesting. I put them all in a big folder on my desktop, and sometimes when I feel sad I look at the pictures and smile. Some aren't funny and some don't age well, but more often than not they are worth the .4 second look every couple of months.

I have decided that when I have nothing substantial to post here (as is often the case), I'll just whip out a thing or two from the archives, so as not to let the swampy waters of Blakecity stagnate and attract disease-carrying pests. (hmm, good doodle idea there...)

Anyways, here are some of said pictures.

1989 PHS Yearbook (via ebay)

A bat flew into the stands during a Texas Rangers game. Click to enlarge/ explore.

Eskimo women skinning a Beluga Whale.

Book jacket for Outer Dark, written by a very young Cormac McCarthy.

Still frame from an episode of Frisky Dingo, the Adult Swim Show (episode 1.12, "Penultimate Fighting")


JayDee Amato said...

buy a photo album and print all of these out. the internet will eventually be erased in my opinion. We need a hard copy archive of the good stuff. said...

That bat pic has some great reaction shots--there's the smarmy guy in the upper right who thinks it's mildly amusing, and the blithe babies who have no idea what's going on; but perhaps my favorite is the terrified youngster with the popcorn in the upper left quadrant. PRECIOUS.

Josh said...

did you read outter dark?