Thursday, October 23, 2008

Right now I have four unfinished posts sitting in the digital mist, so don't think I haven't forgotten about you, BlakeCity. You have just fallen into the deep, messy ball-pit where every other creative entity I have is waiting, bored and unfinished, for its name to be called.


The other day in my uncontrollably distracting walk from Tisch to the Union Square subway I read this comic book on the floor of The Strand. It was called "Dogs and Water", by Anders Nilsen, and was essentially a super minimalist, post-apocalyptic story, real patient and contemplative. Right up my alley.

Click the below picture to see a page from one of the dream sequences in the book.

I liked it, with some reservations; the dialogue isn't great and some of the character interactions fall a little flat, but the art and borderless panels are beautiful. There's such a great atmosphere and use of white space.

It was still there today when I stopped in for another distraction so I read it some more. Graphic Novels/ Comics have always saddened me a bit because I feel like so much work goes into each drawing, something that is usually (and most effectively) glanced at for a second and then moved across. Which is weird, because, if anything, most animation functions at an almost laughably slanted "creation time: viewing time" ratio. But I never really consider it when watching something move.

Anyway here's another awesome picture from the author Anders Nilsen's website. Best viewed on a normal sized, much too small monitor. I won't spoil it so just click the link.

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