Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A classic

In honor of finally fixing the border around my title page picture, I now present to you a short comedy I made with a good friend, Richard Provencio, in the Fall of 2004. I was 15 years old.

"Doin' Coke!" was an assignment for the illustrious Digital Media Production class, in the first semester taught by the inimitable and hopelessly under qualified Robert Kaechele. The program has inconceivably grown into a very successful and well equipped entity since then, which is a real mystery to anyone who has taken the class and seen this guy.

Yes, my teacher was/is a house DJ outside of school.

Anyways, I'm pretty certain the original idea centered around remixing the start of Pink Floyd's "Money" (you know, the part where they have all the change and cash register sound effects) by replacing those sounds with the sounds from a Coca-Cola can. Richard liked Coca-Cola a lot, and would have at least three a day usually.

None of us had ever done coke. I had yet to drink alcohol or smoke marijuana at this point either.

We filmed this is one night in my house, with a skeleton, two-man cast/crew combo. Notice the interesting, sort of over-the-shoulder conversation; that was filmed by pressing record on the camera, then running into place to do the scene, and then stopping it afterwards. Also notice the somewhat notorious "fridge shot" that Omar Malik so kindly remembers this film by. You won't miss the cameos by my two dogs (Happy and Shasta, I miss you! Well, Happy mostly) and a lot of strange homoerotic undertones.

I kind of love watching this stuff, because I couldn't even tell you what kind of movies I liked at the time, or why I was influenced to do things this certain way. It was pure dumb luck and intuition that anything got done at all.
Now I'm at film school where I spend hours learning how to dissect the craft and the art to its most excruciatingly minute details, almost seperating myself as much as possible from the stupid fun of the experience. I miss that creative innocence.

Anyways, enjoy.


oamalik@mac.com said...

The moment at 2:29 may be one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen. Thank you for putting this up!

P.S. Your mom is livin' in the past; you need to get up with the NOW:


Anonymous said...

blake, your face at 2:22 of doin' coke makes my heart drop! and omar is right too, that whole fridge scene is perfect

hi its rachel by the way, ya and i guess i blog now, well i had a livejournal but i'm growing up now. http://spookytrees.wordpress.com/
i'm not as funny as you but if you ever take interest in my life again, it's there if you want it.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, DJ K.

MGBR II said...

really enjoyed the reflection on our former instructor, i too marvel at whatever legitimacy was gained