Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I found this really neat 4-color ballpoint pen the other day. You know, the ones with the green, red, blue, and black nibs, interchangeable by the cool clicky tabs in the back. Awesome stuff.

So here are some drawings with that. I call the first one "Le Struggle" and the second one
"Bearded Man on a Motorcycle with Guns on the Handlebars"

Two of my very best friends from Poway have some exquisite Blogs I would like to highlight in this post.

Josh Brown, aka The Bill Pullman Experience, has been my friend since the sophomore year of high school. We bonded in Mrs. Walton's English class over doodling, dorky movies, and maybe video games. Once we drew a giant, seven foot mural on the whiteboard that took an entire class period. An unknown girl took a picture of this but I've never seen it.

Anyway, Josh is a swell artist who draws really bad pun cartoons and really good cowboy stuff. He also recently posted a joint doodle we did in the wake of Katrina, back in high school, where we always tried to be about as politically incorrect as possible. He posts more often than me so check him out.

Rachel Cooper, aka Spooky Trees, has been my friend since about Junior year and she is also one of my best buds. Last Summer we went on a roadtrip up the coast; it was really fun and we unironically listened to lots of Lavigne's "Let Go" and Spears's "Lucky". She has a wordpress blog (cleaner layout methinks) and writes about really personal shit so be prepared. Just kidding she writes about Twilight and nostalgia and other stuff. She also posts more often than I do.

I'll post some more scans tomorrow of some other crap. Also I have a new recommendation for everybody because I am drinking it now and it's quite good.

Tea with milk

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