Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I'm taking creative writing right now. It's real fun. Hopefully I can get a minor (only 4 classes). I love writing stories but I'm a horribly undisciplined writer so it's nice to have someone on your back making deadlines.

What an idea! I would love to have my own personal man on my back making deadlines. Productivity in life and school and in Blakecity would increase tenfold!

(maybe it would be like the personal stenographer from that episode of Chappelle's Show. At least that's what I imagine.)

As much as I like writing, I find it really tough sometimes to show people my work. "It's not ready!" is a common excuse I've been known to use, and a weak one at that. "But it's not, I swear!"

Maybe one day I'll "finish" one of these stories that sits in development limbo (industry term) and print it out and give people copies and draw little pictures at the beginnings of the chapters.

(Redwall was always great at this)

But we have to write poetry in the class, and it's not something I care about as much, so I show that without any anxiety or hesitation.
Here is a poem I wrote about my greatest fear. Can you guess what it is?


I woke with a start-
Cried for my wife,
“My face! It’s melting!“

Pressed my hands to my cheeks
tried to hold it all together
catch the falling bits just in case

Then she rushed in, upset,
But soon calm. Told me to relax
led me to the washroom

I dropped my hands and, well,
saw for myself. My face looked the same
I guess I’d just forgotten.

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JayDee Amato said...

I hear you on the face melting. The captcha for posting this comment is "TRONd". Tron is awesome.