Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Finals" are upon me and this week is busy. The 1 year anniversary of BLAKECITY has come and gone and I forgot about it. Oh well. Nic Cage remembered BLAKECITY'S birthday though and dressed up for the occasion.

I've been listening to a lot of Bruce Springsteen and Orange Juice (great!) and some new music too. I'm excited to post my end of the year lists because I love lists and I think I've been pretty up to date on material, so I'll be able to actually talk about stuff with some sort of confidence. Movies too. Not books though, I go through those like molasses. Suttree over break (fingers crossed).

Speaking of books, I saw Twilight the other day (sidenote; apparently after 11 on weeknights there is no one taking tickets at the theater[??]), which, as a film, is a preposterous mess that stumbles through so many levels of seriousness and cheese that it can hardly contain itself. That being said, it's one of the more interesting movies of the year and so much fun to watch. I've never seen a movie take place in between the staring eyes of two people more than in Catherine Hardwicke's mindfuckingly exaggerated shot-reverse-shot staring contest.

There are a lot of good movies out too. Che comes out this week in its 4 hour cut, as well as Gran Torino and some other stuff. Wendy and Lucy comes out this week too, which is as essential as any film is this year, in my mind. I saw it at the NYFF and... wow. Really amazing stuff.

Not to mention the new Punisher film which has received some surprisingly positive reviews from friends, and Transporter 3, whose trailer blew my mind.

I also saw Benjamin Button tonight, which was disappointing.


Back to work, world. Stuff to show eventually, I suppose.

Home in less than a week. Here's a gem from the olden days.


sean said...

Josh said...

wait what movie is that nic cage shot from?

Brittany said...

Dear blake,

I just discovered that comment you left once on my blog. I like your blog too.

Galaxie 500 is groovy!

Ariel said...

Oh yeah. Recreate that night at the jail? Too soon?